(Beatles for babies) in a Crystal Box

The most iconic songs of the Fabulous Four performed live by 4 musicians (saxophone, violin, cello and percussion) and one dancer in a warm and sophisticated production.

A new, technological twist featuring augmented reality on the original Beatles for babies, one of the most worldwide acclaimed productions for babies, toddlers and families.

A mix of live music, dance and digital arts where a thin glass is the only distance between the performers and the audience.

Beatles for babies in a Crystal Box is a fully interactive and immersive production, broadcast live from the Institute of Technology for Performing Arts in Barcelona (Europe). One of the most revolutionary and innovative concepts of contemporary performing arts, where children make the show possible.



Direction: Albert Vilà and Eva Vilamitjana
Artistic direction: Albert Vilà y Eva Vilamitjana.
Choreography: Eva Vilamitjana
Performers: Alba Haro / Eduard Raventós (cello), Asier Suberbiola / Laura Marín (violín), Hugo Astudillo / Nil Villà (saxo), Albert Vilà (percusiones), Eva Vilamitjana (danza)
Musical arrangements: Jordi Bello
Interactive video: Anna Carreras
Scenography: La petita malumaluga / Paula Bosch
Costume: La petita malumaluga
Lightning design: Claudi Palomino / La petita malumaluga
Light and sound engineer: Claudi Palomino / La petita malumaluga
Executive production: Companyia Malumaluga / Percussity Ltd.

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