An old sailor. Many years ago. Small boat. Weeks in the sea.

He discovered, they say, for the first time, an unattainable land for any compass: the 30 elephant’s delta, under the umbrella.

30 elephants, covered with lies.

The birth, hopes, dreams and memories of those who are gone.

30 elephants under the umbrella make their way into the tangled paths of dawn.

A show without complexes for children and sensitive babies. Movement, narration and music link adults and babies in the world of emotions.

Artistic credits

Artistic direction: Albert Vilà & Eva Vilamitjana
Text: Albert Vilà
Dancer: Eva Vilamitjana
Costumes: Eva Vilamitjana and Albert Vilà
Scenography: Albert Vilà
Production: La petita malumaluga and Percussity Ltd.

With the support of Department of Culture of Generalitat de Catalunya, Ministry of Culture and L’Estruch Sabadell

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